How The Craft Self Tape Studio Can Work for You and Your Actors

As you well know, self taped auditions have become a legitimate casting opportunity for actors both in and out of market. Against global competition, it is more important than ever for an actor to stand out and showcase themselves properly – The Craft Self Tape Studio can help your talent do just that.

Proven coach and reader

After taping with me, actors consistently compliment me on my ability to analyze the sides quickly and enhance their understanding of the scene, often picking up subtle details that could easily be overlooked. As a professional actor myself, you can be confident that as the reader, I will support your talent's performance.

Consistent and high quality results

While we know casting is willing to accept cellphone-shot self tapes, when your actors use The Craft Self Tape Studio you are guaranteed a submission that looks and sounds as good as if it were shot in the room. Using The Craft Self Tape Studio ensures that your talent are presented at their very best.

A competitive advantage

One of the added benefits of taping with me is that I have probably already taped an audition for that particular movie or show. I'm familiar with the material, tone, characters and will often have pieces to the puzzle that may not have been available to your talent during their prep.

Please share The Craft Self Tape Studio with your roster. Let's book the role, together.

As a special offer to your roster I would like to offer them $10 off their first self tape with The Craft Self Tape Studio. They can redeem the offer online by booking an appointment using the promo code "OAZ".